Weight Management


Weight Loss Program

While the concept of weight loss is simple — eat fewer calories than your body needs for fuel in a day, and it uses stored fat to compensate — it’s restricting calories that causes the problem. What do you do about those cravings? How do you prepare low-calorie, nutritious meals when your life keeps you running nonstop from sunrise to bedtime? And who can tell you what’s nutritious and what’s not?

Above and Beyond Clinics has a doctor-supervised weight loss program managed by medically trained professionals who know the answers to those questions, and many more. Our professionals understand dieting pitfalls and help you find ways to incorporate healthy living into your busy days. We know that losing weight is challenging and support you throughout your efforts with practical tips for fighting off cravings, boosting your weight loss with exercise, and finding solutions to the fast-food trap.

If you’re feeling too overwhelmed to consider healthy weight loss due to your demanding schedule, we’ve got the Very Busy Professional Program to suit your needs. We also include tailored weight loss programs for children that are safe and designed to support both children and their caregivers through the weight loss and maintenance process.

Our goal is your long-term success rather than a quick diet fix that doesn’t provide true results. If you’re ready to take charge of the bathroom scale, schedule a medical weight loss evaluation today at Above and Beyond Clinics.


Integrative Health Coaching

We partner with you to focus on long-term results that enable you to finally beat the weight loss battle in a way that benefits your health as well as your confidence and self-esteem. Many popular diets take a one-size-fits-all approach that does little to resolve your unique issues. Because you are the most valuable member of your weight loss team, we work hard to provide solutions that work for your specific goals.


Protein Meals

Above and Beyond Clinics offers the NutriMed Advanced Health Systems meal supplement program and includes healthy meal replacement bars and snacks in our product line. This is fast food that’s convenient and delicious and keeps you on track when you don’t have time to crunch your way through a healthy salad on a short lunch break. Visit our products page to view all the protein supplements we have available.


Prescription Supplements

Because it’s doctor-supervised, you can trust our medical weight loss program to not only keep you healthy, but also improve your health as you go through the process. Other benefits of Above and Beyond Clinics’ medical weight loss program include:

●      Use of FDA-approved appetite suppressants as needed, which are monitored by your Above and Beyond Clinics physician

●      Supplements via injection as necessary to keep your nutrition balanced, reduce sugar cravings and boost your fat metabolism


Permanent Fat Removal

Diet and exercise are the cornerstone of maintaining a healthy weight. However, when you slim down through diet and exercise, your fat cells simply shrink. These same fat cells can expand again.

TruSculpt permanently eliminates unwanted fat in the treatment area. Once the radio frequency energy destroys the fat cells and your body flushes them away, they are gone for good.

TruSculpt bridges the gap between diet and exercise and surgical fat removal treatments like liposuction. People who choose truSculpt enjoy major benefits, including:

●      Zero downtime

●      Virtually pain-free

●      Noninvasive

●      Results in 6-12 weeks

●      Noticeable improvement after just one treatment

●      Fast and convenient (sessions take about 60 minutes)

The truSculpt technology also stimulates collagen production, which helps tighten skin so that you enjoy a smoother, tighter, slimmer body contour. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.



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